This is the encyclopedia. Terms in the articles that are colored red can be found here with their definition.

AI - short for Artificial Intelligence. This is what inputs commands based on previously acquired data or its general mechanics when you select 'Auto Battle.'

Animation Speed - the amount of time it takes for a character to complete a move or set of moves based on how they are animated.

Buffs - beneficial conditions that improve the defensive or offensive abilities of the user.
Buffering - allows you to apply the bonuses from other roles to another ability by shifting to another role after shifting Paradigms.

Chain Bonus - a damage multiplier that is applied to every attack when working up to a point of Stagger.

Chain Duration Value - a value that determines how quickly the Chain Gauge will fill and once filled, how quickly or how slowly the Chain Gauge will deplete.

Chain Gauge - a gauge located at the top right corner of the battle screen that fills progressively with every attack. Once it fills completely, the enemy is Staggered.

Chain Resistance - a value that determines how quickly or how slowly the Chain Bonus grows. The higher the Chain Resistance, the slower the gauge will fill. The lower the Chain Resistance, the faster the gauge will fill.

Cross Formation - a form of Paradigm Tuning; Paradigms tuned in the Cross formation will have all AI-controlled characters focus on one, single target.

Cut - the value of an ability that determines if an ability will overpower (cut) an opposing ability.

Debuffs - negative conditions (status ailments) that lower the offensive or defense abilities of a character; affects enemies and party members.

Elemental Resistance - an attribute that all enemies have that determines the amount of damage they take from different types of attacks.



Hidden Chaining Factor - subtle factors that determine the effectiveness of attacks toward the Chain Bonus.



Keep - the value that determines if an ability will be overridden by an opposing ability or not.

Launch - a hidden ability belonging to certain moves that will raise enemies into the air. When enemies are Launched, they become immobilized and cannot attack or defend themselves. Very few enemies can be Launched without being Staggered first and some cannot be Launched at all, even when Staggered.




Positive Chain - the subtle power increase that is granted when a party member is able to perform the same attack multiple times without interruption in the same command queue.


Rise - a hidden stat that gives certain abilities the power to propel enemies into the air.

Stagger - when an enemy is Staggered, they become more susceptible to damage from attacks. Some enemies may become immobilized completely, some may just slow down, and some will seem to not change much at all. However, regardless of how they act when Staggered, all enemies will take a lot more damage when they're Staggered than when they aren't.

Stagger Point - the point that must be reached in order for an enemy to successfully be Staggered.

Tune - paradigms can be tuned in order to better control what AI-controlled allies do in battle.



Wide Formation - a type of Paradigm Tuning; Paradigms tuned in the Wide formation will have all AI-controlled characters focus of different enemies.

Wound - damage that takes away from the maximum HP of the target and can be used by both enemies and party members.