August 28, 2012

Elements and Resistance

All attacks correspond with one of two damage types:
Physical or Magical

Attacks are also either non-elemental or are imbued with one of the four elemental properties:
Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind

Attacks can be based on Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind
Attacks are either Physical or Magical

Every enemy has a set of elemental resistances, which determine the amount of damage an enemy takes from an attack.

Types of Elemental Affinities
Resistance                            Damage Inflicted
Normal                                   x1 (standard damage)
Weakness                               x2 (200% damage)
Halved                                    x0.5 (50% damage)
Resistant                                 x0.1 (10% damage)
Immune                                  x0 (damage Blocked; no damage inflicted)
Absorb                                  Attack heals the opponent (heals 30% of usual damage)

There are ways to exploit elements in your favor, both to defend yourself from elemental attacks by enemies and to add elemental properties to your own attacks:
- Equip accessories
- "En-" abilities (Enfire, etc.)
Synthesized Abilities

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