September 1, 2012

Status Effects

Status Enhancements
Status enhancements, also called buffs, are beneficial conditions that improve the defensive or offensive powers of the user. They can affect both party members and enemies and can be a major deciding factor on a battle's difficulty, duration, and final outcome.

Buffs can be applied by:
- a Synergist
- equipped certain accessories
- learning passive abilities via the Crystarium for tamed monsters
- certain Feral Links

You can increase the duration of a status enhancement by:
- Synergist role bonuses
- having a high Magic stat
- equipped certain pieces of equipment (either alone or combined)
- the certain abilities learned by monsters

Types of Status Enhancements:
Enhancement      Effect                                                             Opposing Ailment
Haste                   +33% ATB Gauge speed                                 Slow
Bravery                +75% Strength                                                Debrave
Faith                    +75% Magic                                                    Defaith
Protect                 +25% resistance to Physical attacks                 Deprotect
Shell                     +25% resistance to Magic attacks                    Deshell
Vigilance               +33% resistance to Wound                             Curse
Veil                      +50% resistance to status ailments

Enfrost                 These buffs add additional attributes to attacks.
Enthunder            Good against enemies with element weaknesses and Imperil.

Reraise               When the user's HP reachers 0, they will automatically revive themselves.
Regen                 Gradually restores the user's HP

Status Ailments
Status ailments, also known as Debuffs, are negative conditions that can affect both party members and enemies.

Some enemies are difficult to defeat unless you weaken them with debuffs throughout the battle. A sudden onset of debuffs all at once on party members can severely disrupt momentum and can be dangerous during the brutal follow-up attacks.

Status ailments can only be cast by Saboteurs, but they can also occur as side effects from Feral Link abilities.

Aside from using items and the Medic's spells, status ailments can also be healed by using the opposing status enhancement, making Synergists an option to cure ailments. A capable Synergist can be used to target a specific ailment and can be more efficient than a Medic's Esuna spell.

Many enemies have some form of resistance or immunity to one or more ailments. Using a Librascope will immediately expose those resistances, while the AI will spend several turns experimenting with different debuffs to slowly reveal their vulnerabilities.

When an enemy is not immune, various factors such as the Chain Bonus, role Bonus Boosts, or the Veil status enhancement, can affect the time it takes for a debuff to stick.

When you party is greatly afflicted by status ailments, you'll have to quickly assess how dangerous those ailments are. While a Medic's Esuna spell is the most obvious solution, a Synergist can also be used to cancel out status ailments with the opposing status enhancment.

Types of Status Ailments
Ailment             Effect                                                                                         Cure
Slow                  -33% ATB Gauge speed                                                             None

Daze                  Stuns the target and the target takes double damage;                    Foul Liquid, Remedy,                                                                                                                                                                
                          Removed once the target is hit; enemy-only ability.                      Unicorn Horn, Esuna  

Debrave             -50% Strength                                                                            Remedy, Unicorn Horn,
                                                                                                                            Bravery, Bravega, Esuna

Defaith               -50% Magic                                                                               Remedy, Unicorn Horn,
                                                                                                                            Faith, Faithga, Esuna

Deprotect          +30% damage taken from Physical attacks                                  Remedy, Unicorn Horn,
                                                                                                                            Protect, Protectga, Esuna

Deshell              +30% damage taken from Magic attacks                                     Remedy, Unicorn Horn,
                                                                                                                            Shell, Shellga, Esuna

Pain                  Disables the target's Physical abilities                                            Painkiller, Remedy
                                                                                                                            Unicorn Horn, Esuna

Fog                   Disables the target's Magical abilities                                           Mallet, Remedy,
                                                                                                                           Unicorn Horn, Esuna

Curse               +33% damage taken from Wounds;                                             Holy Water, Remedy,
                        -20 "Keep" to all actions                                                              Unicorn Horn

Poison             Cause target to gradually and constantly lose HP;                          Antidote, Remedy,
                        Very effective against enemies with high HP                                  Unicorn Horn, Esuna

Imperil             Reduces the target's elemental resistance by one tier.                     Remedy, Unicorn Horn,
                       (Resistant to halved; Normal to Weakness)                                   Esuna

Doom              Causes a timer to appear above the target. When it runs out,         None
                        the target is KO'd instantly. Enemy-only ability.

Refreshing Effects
It's best to refresh status enhancments before they expire.

When someone has multiple status effects (ailments and enhancements), reapplying any of them will move it to the end of the display sequence, showing it as the most recently afflicted effect. It will also flash.

With enhancements, it's harder to see how much time is remaining when there's only one.

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