September 2, 2012

Properties of the ATB Gauge

The ATB Gauge recharges at a faster rate as you add more segments.

Basically meaning that a six segment ATB Gauge doesn't take twice as long to fill as a three segment ATB Gauge. It actually fills almost twice as fast.

Approximate ATB Recharge Rates
ATB Level         Full Recharge Time     Recharge Rate per Segment       Recharge Speed Increase
3                         4.32 seconds                   1.44 seconds                                  100% (baseline)
4                         4.46 seconds                   1.11seconds                                   130% faster
5                         4.66 seconds                   0.93 seconds                                  155% faster
6                         4.79 seconds                   0.80 seconds                                  180% faster

The ATB Gauge recharges continuously while menus are visible. It will pause once an action or action queue (such as Paradigm Shifting and using items) is being set and will resume once those actions are complete.

Things that Modify the Rate of ATB Recharge
Ability                                       Effect on ATB Recharge Speed
ATB Rate +XX%                      +10%~50%
Haste                                         +33%
Slow                                          -33%
Leadenstrike                              -50%
Ironstrike                                   -33%

There are also several special auto-abilities that grant immediate bonuses to the ATB Recharge speed.

ATB Recharge Speed Bonuses
Auto-Ability                           Bonus to ATB Recharge
Lifesiphon                                +1 segment upon slaying a target
Faultsiphon                              +0.2 segments upon attacking a target with a status ailment
Fearsiphon                              +0.1 segments upon attacking a Staggered target
Siphon Damage Lv. 1              +1 segment for every 1000 damage received
Siphon Damage Lv. 2              +1 segment for every 950 damage received
Siphon Damage Lv. 3              +1 segment for every 900 damage received
ATB Advantage                      +1 segment at the beginning of a battle
Kill: ATB Charge                    +0.5 segments per enemy death
Attack: ATB Charge               +0.1 segments per hit on each enemy
Attack: ATB Charge II            +0.2 segments per hit on each enemy

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