September 1, 2012

Wound Damage

Serah and Noel take Wound damage; shown in the dark red text on the game screen.

New in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Wound damage.
Wounds are a special type of injury that reduce the target's maximum HP, and can be inflicted by both party members and enemies.

Wound damage can't be healed by conventional methods (such as using Potions or a Medic's healing spells). Instead, you have to use Wound Potions or Elixir in order to restore the damage caused by Wounds.

Wounds Inflicted by Allies:

  • All Saboteur spells cause damage as well as the status ailment they may inflict. A portion of this damage is turned into Wound damage, depending on the enemy's Wound Resistance.
  • The Wound spell cast by the Saboteur doesn't inflict a status ailment. Instead, it deals more damage than any other Saboteur ability and because of that, increases the amount of possible Wound damage that can be inflicted on the enemy. The Wound spell isn't as powerful as an attack made by a Commando, but is comparable to the damage inflicted by a Ravager.
  • An AI-controlled Saboteur will repeatedly cast Wound once all possible status ailments have been inflicted.

Wounds Inflicted by Enemies:

  • Enemies that cause Wound damage convert a certain amount of the normal damage they would inflict into Wound damage.
  • Wound damage may seem insignificant at first, but if a battle goes on for a long time, it can become a big problem as it accumulates.
  • Having at least one Sentinel deployed against strong Wounding attacks will increase the party's overall defense against Wound damage as well as regular damage. The Bloodguard line of accessories are also effective at preventing Wound damage.
Paradox Alpha, the first enemy in FFXIII-2 that employs Wound attacks.

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